Pedida de mano a lo Harry Potter

La pareja Heather Pearson y Kelsey Stacy celebró Halloween con una fiesta temática de Harry Potter, pero lo que Kelsey no sabía es que Heather le pediría matrimonio esa misma noche. Podéis ver toda la pedida en este video de Youtube.

La preciosa pedida de mano llamó la atención de J.K.Rowling, la autora de los libros de Harry Potter y les felicitó en Twitter.

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Aquí te dejo las fotos que han subido a Instagram.

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I think you, my love, are my patronus. ✨ The guardian of my heart. . With all the ugly, bad, and terrible in the news and on our feeds, I hope that our story will inspire you to keep holding on, stay hopeful, believe in love, and do more than survive—go out and thrive! Do it all with love in your heart. 💕 . “Dumbledore would have been happier than anybody to think that there was a little more love in the world.”⚡️💍❤️🌈 – Professor McGonagall . A special thank you to @portlandcider, @sizzlepie, and @onehope for being a part of my big plans for Kelsey and I! You guys really outdid yourselves and made our night even more unforgettable than it was. 🍕🍻🥂🍾 . 📸: amazing photos keep coming by @ivory.and.oak, best photog in the PNW . . #bestproposalever #engaged💍 #portlandoregon #engaged #harrypotteredit #harrypotterproposal #epicproposal #engayged #lgbtq #lovewins #equality #slytherin #potterhead #halloweenproposal #youtube #youtubers #lovestory #lgbtqcouple #samelove

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1,000 points for Slytherin! 🐍💍📚 . Our day started at 5am when we woke up and found that @officialjkrowling congratulated us on our engagement—😱😍HOLY BUCKBEAK! Since then the excitement and coverage has been pretty nonstop and evolving before our eyes. We are so eager to share with you lots of exciting news soon! Now how do we get @theellenshow attention?! 🤞🏼Let’s do this! Want to help us by sending in our photos, YouTube video, and story to @ellentube? We would LOVE your help in doing so! You guys have all played such a huge part in this already. 🙏🏼❤️ Can’t thank you enough. . Today was so crazy that I actually spent the ENTIRE day at Kelsey’s school. Once I got there I realized the magnitude of what was happening and I needed to be with Kels and answer emails with her on breaks, and stuff like that. So I had to run over to Fred Meyer and get food for the day and a phone charger. 😂🙌🏼 *whew* it’s been a crazy day! . Have you watched our full proposal video yet?! If you have, thank you so much!!! If you haven’t, please do! It’s worth all 39 minutes and 4 boxes of tissues you’ll likely go through. 😘 What were your favorite parts?! We are dying to hear them! 👇🏼 . Anyone else look and sound like Moaning Myrtle while watching or was that just me…? 🧜🏼‍♀️ . . #engayged #harrypotterproposal #portlandoregon #bestproposalever #engaged #engaged💍 #lgbtq #samelove #equality #lovewins #pdxpipeline

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The only time I’ll ever be okay with seeing you cry, baby. ❤️ Asking you to spend the rest of your life with me in the pouring rain with all of our best friends watching… this photo captures how powerful of a moment it was. I’m just sitting here crying thinking about how blessed I am. How are we supposed to work today?! 😂 We need a proposal honeymoon! . Thank you to all of our amazing friends who helped me make this happen. Every single one of you played a crucial role. I am working on the YouTube video today. Kels and I are so anxious to share with you all that happened behind the scenes and what led to this moment right here. For those of you who watched it happen live on Instagram Saturday night, THANK YOU for being a part of it with us! I’m sure some of you had a feeling it was coming, especially when you saw I went live. ☺️🎥 That’s amazing! You knew and witnessed that Kels was getting antsy these last few weeks! 😂 . Baby, my beautiful amazing fiancé, I love you! Make this day go by fast! 😍💍💕 . .📸: @ivory.and.oak #engagementphotos #engayged #loveisintheair #halloweenproposal #harrypotterproposal #dracomalfoy #bestproposalever #lgbtq #buzzfeed #engagementparty #lovewins #equality #bestdayever #iloveyou

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